Hogar de Ancianos en Cotuí RD

Era forastero me acogiste.

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  • The city of Cotuí

    Cotuí is the capital city of the Sánchez Ramírez province in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. It is currently home to approximately 80,000 residents. Cotuí is one of the oldest cities in the New World. The city produces rice, pineapples, plantains, cacao, and passion fruit.

  • La Presa

    La Presa de Hatillo is a water reservoir located in the town of Hatillo just outside of Cotuí. Construction of the reservoir started in 1977 and was completed in 1984. The reservoir has been a controversial topic with varying points of view due to the fact that it displaced villages that are now completely under water. On the other hand, the reservoir is a major water source for the rice industry, electrical production and fishing.

  • Surrounding Villages

    Many small villages surround Cotuí. In these villages, the income levels are lower and most people rely on agriculture to make a living. Rice factories and fruit packing factories make up most of the jobs in the area.


    Universidad Tecnológico Cibao Oriental (UTECO) strives to be a good place to study for the people of Cotuí. It was founded in 1982 and in 2004, it became a state University. UTECO has a 30-year plan for expansion as it has produced 11,000 graduates and is now home to over 7,000 current students. Several community projects at UTECO have a lasting effect on the surrounding community including an old cave that is preserved by the University and the fine arts department’s project to paint murals all over the city to clean up political propaganda.

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